Greenlight Ahoy!

Ladies and Gentleman, our Greenlight campaign has launched! Nelly Cootalot needs your help to traverse the treacherous waters of the Greenlight process! If you have a Steam account, please support our campaign by clicking ‘yes’. If you don’t have one, you can sign up for free or share the campaign…


Nelly’s Publisher Steps Aboard

ASH to Publish Nelly Nelly Cootalot has officially teamed up with Application Systems Heidelberg, who will be helping to deliver a brighter and shinier version of Nelly Cootalot: The Fowl Fleet! ASH will be co-developing and publishing the game, and also providing localisation for German & French releases. As well…


Captain’s Log #11 – Sprite Sheets to the Wind

This is an archived Kickstarter update, originally only available to Nelly’s Backers: Progress Report Alex continues hammering away at raw elements in Unity, forging a robust framework for HD/multi-platform Nelly fun-times. I’m having regular development meetings with Application Systems and they’re as enthusiastic as I am about making the game…


Unique hand-drawn backgrounds, great animations… witty humor.

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