After finishing the game, I must admit, I’m pretty satisfied with the product. In other words: it’s awesome! 🙂

– Dávid Bertalan (Kickstarter Backer & Beta Tester)

The background artwork and character animations are fantastic, and the music is really nice. The humour is also great, and the characters are all very entertaining … I thought that the puzzles flowed really well into each other, rather than just feeling like a list of chores. I enjoyed the dialogue puzzles and the logic puzzles … Overall, a great game with lots of character and plenty of laughs.

– Victoria Lewington (Beta Tester & Kickstarter Backer)

I would like to say that it is definitely one of the best adventure titles out there at the moment! The dialogues are really polished with a lot of wit and nice puns… The riddles are logical and solvable also for inexperienced players, while adventure game professionals will still have a lot of fun with the whole scenario. It’s very obvious that this is a game made with a lot of love for the genre, and it’s definitely a game, that cannot be ignored.

– Eric J. Francois (Beta Tester & Kickstarter Backer)

I think I loved everything 🙂 The visuals, the story, the music, and of course Nelly ‘a female woman’ Pirate!

– Yuri Melkov (Beta Tester & Kickstarter Backer)