The background artwork and character animations are fantastic, and the music is really nice. The humour is also great, and the characters are all very entertaining … I thought that the puzzles flowed really well into each other, rather than just feeling like a list of chores. I enjoyed the dialogue puzzles and the logic puzzles … Overall, a great game with lots of character and plenty of laughs.

– Victoria Lewington (Beta Tester & Kickstarter Backer)

If you like comedy games you’re bound to love this. The beautiful high resolution graphics and excellent voice acting help bring the world of Nelly further to life. Nelly’s brash, unconventional pirate especially is done great justice by the added voice acting, with other familiar characters also well represented. The smart writing, greatly improved production values, and great story all come together to make this a game well worth playing.

– Berian Williams (Beta Tester & Kickstarter Backer)