I would like to say that it is definitely one of the best adventure titles out there at the moment! The dialogues are really polished with a lot of wit and nice puns… The riddles are logical and solvable also for inexperienced players, while adventure game professionals will still have a lot of fun with the whole scenario. It’s very obvious that this is a game made with a lot of love for the genre, and it’s definitely a game, that cannot be ignored.

– Eric J. Francois (Beta Tester & Kickstarter Backer)

If you like comedy games you’re bound to love this. The beautiful high resolution graphics and excellent voice acting help bring the world of Nelly further to life. Nelly’s brash, unconventional pirate especially is done great justice by the added voice acting, with other familiar characters also well represented. The smart writing, greatly improved production values, and great story all come together to make this a game well worth playing.

– Berian Williams (Beta Tester & Kickstarter Backer)

I’ve just finished the game and I thought it was very funny, daft (in a good way!) and charming; I really enjoyed the characters, humour and locations with an unexpected bonus of Tom Baker as ‘Sebastian’ – excellent!

– Matthew Harbourne (Beta Tester & Kickstarter Backer)

I think I loved everything 🙂 The visuals, the story, the music, and of course Nelly ‘a female woman’ Pirate!

– Yuri Melkov (Beta Tester & Kickstarter Backer)

Captain’s Log #18: Voyaging

This is an archived Kickstarter update, originally only available to Nelly’s Backers: Ahoy! June was a very eventful month for the Nelly team. This update is a wee bit late because I’ve been doing stand-up at Glastonbury Festival and in Scotland for the last few days. (Oh, imagine the glamour…