Nelly Cootalot has been Greenlit!

That’s right! After two weeks of hard graft, Nelly Cootalot has been Greenlit by the Steam Community.

Over the course of the campaign we got hundreds of supportive comments from Steam users, and received a nice bit of coverage. I’ve gathered some of the nicest quotes below. (Just to be clear: the first one is commenting on the game, not Alasdair.)

“Hilarious and beautiful” – indiegames

“One of the loveliest AGS games ever made” – PC Gamer

“Funny and enchanting” – mxdwn

“If you enjoyed the first game or just want to see more quality adventure games on Steam go and vote.” – gameramble

“Unique hand-drawn backgrounds, great animations and… witty humor” – Gamer Headlines

“It looks fantastic, sounds fantastic, and with such talent behind the project, it won’t fail to entertain!” – ladywasd

“You’ll never see better hair on a game developer” – Rock, Paper, Shotgun

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