Nelly Cootalot II: The Fowl Fleet

Nelly Cootalot II: The Fowl Fleet

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The Story


Nelly Cootalot is on the trail of Baron Widebeard, from the South Seas to the icy north. The nefarious Baron has kidnapped a fleet of birds and hypnotised them to do his bidding. What is he planning? Can he be stopped? In what way is a frozen volcano involved?


In this game, Nelly will heroically:

  • Race aristocrats for fun and profit.
  • Be immortalised in folk song.
  • Join the Merchant Navy *shudder*.
  • Pilot an airship.
  • Uncover Bloodbeard’s Lost Treasure.
  • Take advantage of a short-sighted old man.
  • Lie to strangers with no consequences.


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