Captain’s Log #6 – 2014 has landed!

This is an archived Kickstarter update, originally only available to Nelly’s Backers:


Welcome to the first update of 2014. I hope January has been merciful to you all – it’s kept me very busy!

Progress Report

I recently finished scripting the puzzles & interactions for Act II. That makes about 2/3 of the game playable. But we’re not approaching the harbour yet. There are lots and lots of placeholders (mostly representing animations) which need to be filled in. And as well as finishing the final act, the puzzles will need to be tested and refined to catch the bugs lurking below deck.

It’s really satisfying to see the skeleton of the game come together – the Mad Captain of the Sanitania, the Stolen Encyclopedia Piratannica, the Cat Burglar on Trial – but there’s still a long journey ahead. I hope you’ll stay with me!

Rewards Preview

Although it will be quite a while before the game is ready to ship, I have begun producing the physical rewards some of you will receive. The advantages of producing them now is that it’s more economical to produce them in this tax year (thrilling!) and I can take advantage of the January sales (wow!). In spite of being very boring, that maximises the budget I can spend on actually making the game.

Below you can see examples of the posters, postcards, pin badges, coasters, felt coots, t-shirts & treasure maps which I will be sending out once the game itself is complete:


Oooh, look at them! Sorry to make you wait!


This is of no relevance, but I’m going to put it in anyway: On Sunday I won the New Acts of the Year Showcase 2014 doing the stand up comedy. There is a poorly chosen picture of me on The Guardian Website. The point is, I am now officially funny and entertaining. Something which might be disputed by anyone who has shared a long train journey with me.

Next Time…

Next month I plan to tell you more about sound, looking at how we’re approaching voice acting and music.

Goodbye for now!

– Alasdair

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