Captain’s Log #5 – AdventureX

This is an archived Kickstarter update, originally only available to Nelly’s Backers:

It’s November. The nights are fair drawing in. But here is a little update to warm your cockles.

Progress Report

Since last we met, most of my time has been spent doing actual nuts-and-bolts scripting. Implementing puzzles, and linking together the existing parts of the game. This poses all kinds of interesting nerdy challenges. Trying to make sure that players meet problems before they meet the solutions is the most important, and hardest to achieve. There’s also making sure that players get the right amount of clues, without puzzles being too obvious or too obscure. And a key point is making sure that a good guess from a player is rewarded, even if it it’s wrong. There’s nothing more frustrating than a game treating you like an idiot just because your solution is different to the designer’s.

I can’t go into detail on these points without giving away puzzles and plot details. I’m going to keep things spoiler-free for now, but I’m sure the opportunity to talk puzzles will arise later.

Welcome the Digital Drunkards!

Digital Drunkards

An uncharacteristically respectable pose for our drunkards.

As promised in the last update, here are two more backer inspired pirates. These Digital Drunkards will be found littering the streets of Sea Shanty Town on Rogue Island. Of course, they will be a lot less upright and sober-looking in-game!


One of the reasons this update is a little earlier than usual, is I wanted to make you aware of AdventureX. If you’re not already familiar with it, AdventureX is an annual expo where adventure game designers and enthusiasts get together in London for interesting talks and general frivolity.

AdventureX 7th – 8th December 2013

It’s free entry, and there will be some terrific special guests this year, including Revolution Software’s Charles Cecil. Less excitingly, I will be there presenting a live, interactive ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’. Which will probably look a bit like this:

Choose Your Own AdventureX

If you’re in the vicinity of London, why not WALK TO the venue, LOOK AT the games on show and TALK TO the people there?
I’ll have more to tell you in the run up to Christmas. Until then!

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