Captain’s Log #3 – Backers

This is an archived Kickstarter update, originally only available to Nelly’s Backers:

Hello Mateys!

I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce you to some new additions to the Nelly Cootalot ensemble.

The Unusual Suspects

We offered six limited-edition rewards at the Davy Jones tier, and each of those backers will appear as a character in the game. I can now show you what they will look like:

Davy Jones Backers

These are characters designed and named by our Davy Jones Backers. They are (from left to right) Germaine McFear III, Lucas McArts, Scurvy Shaw the Scottish Swashbuckler, Wolfpack Annie, Jaap Jansen and a Large Yellow Question Mark.

Large Yellow Question Mark? Where is Joshua Howard?

That’s a good question. In spite of my best efforts, I haven’t made contact with our sixth Davy Jones Backer Joshua Howard. I’m hoping this update will catch his eye. I don’t want to start internet-stalking everyone called Joshua Howard, because there must be hundreds of people with that name who don’t want to hear about nautical pirate adventures. Or at least dozens.

Nevertheless, if you are in contact with the real Joshua Howard, please let me know.

But what about my Rogue’s Gallery Portrait?

I will begin work on the other portraits once the main bulk of the game is complete. Then they’ll be slotted into the Rogue’s Gallery section. Because these characters will appear in the game, I need them to be ready sooner so I can build the game around them.

Progress Report, Cap’n

As I discussed in the last update, I’ve been focusing on writing dialogue. The interactive conversations across acts I, II and III are now complete. They comprise over 70 dialogue trees, each with a variety of options. They include a courtroom scene, a dispute over a dead man’s will and a song about Captain Happy’s Lucky Sailor Sugar Biscuit.

I’m sure these will develop and be revised as the puzzles are implemented (and there are still many location interactions and cutscenes to write) but the backbone of the game feels a lot stronger now.

In the next update I’ll introduce the two Digital Drunkards who will be found three sheets to the wind on the streets of Rogue Island. I’m also going to look at some of the real-world references that go into all of this piratical nonsense. Here’s a little taster in advance:

16th Century Ship Plans

That’s all for this log. Speak to you again in the run up to Halloween!


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