Captain’s Log #19: Survey Off the Bow!

This is an archived Kickstarter update, originally only available to Nelly’s Backers:

Ahoy Backers!

I’ve been very quiet recently, and it’s because we are working our fingers to the bone and our mousemats to pathetic rags.

We’re working so hard because currently playtesting the game in 5 languages, fixing bugs and polishing hundreds of unique interactions. We’re not going to rush this and we’re not going to cut corners. I know I’m not giving you a solid release date here, but I hope you agree that it would be a mistake to release the game before it’s ready.

I’ll give you a detailed status report and talk more about beta testing in a future update. For today, I have some important and exciting news about the Backer Survey.

Important and Exciting News About The Backer Survey

This week I will be sending out the Kickstarter Backer Survey. You’ve been waiting a long time for this. I appreciate your patience and I hope you can all still remember your names and addresses. I’m going to focus on Physical Rewards (the more I type that, the ruder it sounds), but there’s also important stuff for Digital Backers.

One of the Davey Jones reward bundles, plus a felt coot.

One of the Davey Jones reward bundles, plus a felt coot.

Here’s what I’ll be asking you for:

Your Name for the Rogues’ Gallery / Credits

I need to know how you would like your name to appear in the game. This can be your real name, a Kickstarter screen name or any name you prefer. I know a few of you have already emailed this information, but I want to make sure I have everything up-to-date. Also, please avoid anything I’d have to **** out. It’s just not a good place to work on your erotic micro fiction.

Your Postal Address for Physical Backers

Your physical goodies are ready to ship, with one notable exception. The DVD can’t go to print until early next year because the game has to be finished first (damn causality!).

So rather than make you wait, we’re going to send the physical rewards in two mailouts. The first will contain everything from pin badges to framed portraits. The second will contain your boxed Nelly Cootalot: The Fowl Fleet DVD.


Digital Rewards

I don’t want our beloved Digital-only backers to feel left out. I’ll do my best to make sure that your digital rewards arrive around the same time as the physical goodies. Look out for an update devoted to your Rogues’ Gallery portraits in the near future!

But what about the, um… Actual Game?

Good question. When the game is finished, you’ll be able to claim your copy from the Application Systems website. You’ll receive your steam code / DRM free download link straight away. Physical Backers will be able to claim their digital copy as well as their DVD which will ship as early as possible next year.


Thanks for reading this one. I wanted to explain as much as possible before sending out the survey. This way you have a chance to catch up with the project and ask any questions you may have. Hopefully this gives you a better idea of what to expect over the next few months.

It should be interesting and exciting. There will be pirates. There will be birds. I’ll leave you with an animation of Professor Mary Morgan, looking a damn sight more laid back than the Nelly team is right now…


Professor Morgan

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