Captain’s Log #16: Drilling for Oil

This is an archived Kickstarter update, originally only available to Nelly’s Backers:

Q) How is developing an indie adventure game like drilling for oil?

A) The Guardian newspaper is running a campaign to stop it.

Q) No, try again. How is developing an indie adventure like drilling for oil?

A)To finish it you have to kill someone in a bowling alley à la ‘There Will Be Blood’.

Q) Never mind, I’ll just tell you.

Developing an indie adventure is like drilling for oil

At the start you make progress in great bounds, it’s exciting, fulfilling and you have a lot to show for your work. This is the bit where you strike oil and it shoots out all over everyone. But they’re really pleased, even though getting oil on things is normally bad news.

As time goes on it gets harder and harder to find oil, and more expensive to get it out of the ground. And the same is true with creative projects. The work gets progressively harder and the rewards get less tangible.

And that’s the stage we’re at right now. We’re working harder than ever to achieve the unglamorous things that are absolutely essential:

  • German, French, Spanish & Italian Translations
  • Editing all the English language VO
  • Drawing Rogues Gallery portraits for our gorgeous backers
  • Preparing art assets for Steam and other marketplaces
  • And most importantly, pushing forward with scripting, bugfixing & playtesting

Q) So is the whole ‘oil’ business just an excuse for not having anything interesting to show this month?

A) Yes.

Thanks for staying with us as our voyage enters its last leg, and I start employing tenuous petrochemical analogies. Until next month!

Steam Trading Card Designs

Steam Trading Card Designs

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