Captain’s Log #10 – Welcoming Alex

This is an archived Kickstarter update, originally only available to Nelly’s Backers:

It’s May! Summer has begun! It’s raining heavily in London today!

Welcoming Alex to the Team

Thanks to my collaboration with Application Systems, Alex Henn has been able to join the Nelly Cootalot team. Alex is a German programmer (a programmer from Germany, not a programmer of German people). He’s currently building a framework for Nelly in Unity3D, and I’m very excited to be working with him. I asked him to send me a little bio so I could to introduce him to you. And here it is:

Alex’s Bio

When Alex was very young, he had two hobbies:

  • swapping floppy-disks while playing strange games with monkey-wrenches and “Rubber chickens with pulleys in the middle” and
  • learning English by typing things like “go north” or “examine sandwich”…

So when the time came to choose classes for university, he decided to study English – because he already knew so many strange words and so little grammar – and Computational Linguistics. It was a bleak day when he finally figured out that that second class didn’t mean “play text adventures all day long”. But somehow he managed to make most of his classes in either subject about text adventures anyway.

When the time came to go looking for a job, he decided to try working for the company that was involved with most of the floppy-disks that he had been inserting into his good old Atari ST – because amazingly, they were just around the corner from where he lived. So he is now involved in many of the game-projects there and sometimes he does pretend to do something other than play games all day long…

Semi-Random Megamix

By which I mean: I’ve spliced together a few snippets of VO for your listening pleasure. Featuring the characters Hetty Lowman, Harbour Master Van Zandt, Anders Mayormaker, Captain Lear, Nancy Curie, Captain Rehab, Obediah Rackham, Enid Frome & Count Habernera. See if you can guess which voice goes with which character! (Hint: It’s exactly the order I wrote the names.)


Shoutout to Cameron!

Cameron is a backer who I bumped into near Vauxhall bridge in London this weekend. Why didn’t we get a photo together? This bit of the update would have been so much better! I’ve drawn a picture to make up for it:

Genuine Photo.

Genuine Photo.

I’m not sure if Cameron was actually that delighted to meet me, but I took a bit of artistic license.

And finally…

You can watch me talking to Eurogamer’s Ellie Gibson about The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. It’s one of the greatest (sort of adventure) games ever, but for some reason wandering around getting killed in the dark fails to convince Ellie.

Let’s Replay Morrowind!

I tried my best, but it’s a tough game!

See you next month for more about Alex, Unity3D and possibly more drawings of people I met in the street.

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