Captain’s Log #1 – Stats

This is an archived Kickstarter update, originally only available to Nelly’s Backers:

Stats off the Port Bow

Campaign Manager Sarah has compiled what she calls ‘sexy stats’ about our backers:
Sext Stats
I leave you to judge exactly how sexy those stats are. As you can see, most of our backers were digital-only, however most of the money we raised came from physical backers. So another big thanks to you, whichever camp you fall into!

Sarah has also calculated that if we were all to go on a cruise together, we could take a ship called the Crystal Serenity. Its 68,000 tons could accommodate our 1070 backers, but I still think the smorgasbord would be pretty chaotic.

Let’s be clear: I am not spending the money on a cruise.

Progress Report

Work has begun, but it isn’t glamorous. I look forward to showing you cool new scenes, music and animations. But right now I’m handling the incoming backer data, coordinating the next year and writing dialogue. I’m working from my design document pictured here (hopefully too small for spoilers!):
Design Document
As you can see, this plots out all of the puzzles in the form of a flow-chart (colour-coded by difficulty). In addition to this I have a character list, a ‘map’ of the locations and a narrative breakdown of each puzzle.

Using this as a reference, I can write the dialogue for Nelly’s interactions without missing out important clues or ideas. Since conversations are the backbone of Nelly’s adventure, in the next Captain’s log I’ll go into detail about dialogue writing: characterisation, the rules I’m following and how it works in-game.

I’m also in the midst of creating in-game characters for backers at the Davy Jones tier – but you can’t see those until they’re all finished! Sorry to be a tease.

I’m going to go back below deck now.

There’s work to be done…

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